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Smoki timeline

The first corn puff snack that made us flip out!

When Smoki was first introduced in 1972, it was the first corn puff snack in Southeastern Europe. Life back then was very different… This is how switching to silent mode looked like with Smoki.


Smoki stays the same!

In the 80s, we switched from vinyls to cassettes, from rock to disco music… in general, from old to new. Smoki was no exception, with the first “window” packaging in the whole region, allowing everyone to take a peek at what was inside! But we stayed loyal to our recipe because we knew that you can’t go wrong with Smoki!


Red is always in…

In the nineties, we looked at the world through rainbow-tinted glasses, went to Mars and back and had many sleepless nights at house parties. We hung out with people who wore the same clothes as us, listened to the same music as us, covered their bedroom walls with the same posters as we did… But Smoki was the one thing we all had in common, especially when we would binge-watch our VHS tapes until they wore out. Even though we didn’t call it binge-watching back then.


Smoki 2.0

At the turn of the millennium everything seemed new and different… Things were changing fast, trends were shifting left and right, but Smoki managed to stay the same!

The perfect recipe and distinctive taste remained unchanged and Smoki found its place as a perfect snack for the generation that grew up with flip phones and disc players!


Everything is shared,
Smoki included!

2019 saw the biggest change in Smoki packaging in 47 years! We changed the shape of the window on our packaging to the iconic Smoki shape, opening up whole new horizons!

Thanks to new technologies, we are more connected than ever before and we share everything. Why not share some Smoki too?


Half a century of Smoki!

50 candles on the cake and a brand new outfit — what a way to celebrate a birthday! Smoki might be fifty years old, but the taste is still gold. Adorned with a new suit, though!

The birthday bags were designed by some of the brightest street art names in the region, but the beloved flavour stays the same. The years go by, and the world is changing, but Smoki is Smoki — making mouths water, even at fifty!


And what will the next chapter in our story be?

Who knows… but we are sure it will make us say WOW!